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Our Background


Based on several years of medical experience, Primefort Health System mission is to provide global quality health and safety. We are a global health and safety organization focused on assessing public and global health issues/needs and providing awareness, including the appropriate solutions to identified issues/needs. We have created a culturally friendly environment for our products to reach our identified population through diverse cultural collaborations and supports

Our Focus


We also provide personalized, high-quality care on an as-needed or preventative basis for the Geriatrics population. We believe our effort will make positive impact nationally and globally on public and global health issues.

We are a quality health and safety organization that consist of dedicated, experienced physicians, healthcare workers, and public health workers who believe in working with our priority population to maintain and improve their health. We work together to create and provide quality health and safety solutions for all stages of life, including pre/postnatal care.

Our awareness programs eliminate ignorance regarding several global health issues and create a well-aware environment for our health solutions to thrive.

Our Health Professionals


Our physicians are American Board certified or Board Eligible in their respective specialty and have years of experience. Our public/global health workers and healthcare workers are well trained in their specialty and have quality years of experience to safely assess and create awareness regarding global health issues.

physicians and health professionals operating our international facilities are well-trained and certified by appropriate national and international governmental medical bodies/agency. 

Primefort Health System, also focus on globally increasing awareness of medical practitioners to service needs areas and engage in transitional care in order to increase quality health and safety for the geriatrics population and all age groups. 

Our mission


  • Serve families nationally and globally with quality and safe Healthcare/medical practice.
  • Upload the latest and greatest healthcare news and advice on a daily basis
  • Respond to our clients and patient's inquiries in a timely manner.
  • Collaborate with other health systems and act as an advocate for those in need.
  • Promote general wellness for all families who visit our health facilities.

Our Services


Our services includes but not limited to:

  • Offering consultation on global health issues solutions to health professionals/organizations that are interested in building healthcare facilities internationally.
  • Globally Providing Quality Health and Safety.
  • Preventive/Management Healthcare.
  • Geriatrics Population Healthcare.
  • Pre/Post Natal Health Care Awareness.
  • Health Promotion Programs.
  • Global Health Solutions.
  • Health Assessment.
  • Personal Health Awareness.
  • Public Health Solutions Project Management

We are a Global Quality Health & Safety Organization, focused at assessing and providing solutions to global health issues.

To know about other services/procedures provided by Primefort Health System, visit the sections for each facility on this websit


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